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I'm not a big fan of Avenged Sevenfold. Yeah, I know almost all of their songs but I don't know the people in the band. I mean, their real name, because they use A.K.A. name.

Nevertheless, I'm going to watch them perform this Sunday. So excited! So here is my preparation:

1. Ticket

I bought the voucher from Kiostix and need to be exchanged by ticket in Pacific Plaza tomorrow. Ticket checked.

2. T-shirt

As a metal band, I need to watch them using black t-shirt with the band mark. Since i have no time to buy offline, I tried to buy online. I have spent lot of money for the ticket and the price of the shirt in online shop in not affordable for me. So I asked my friend who works in printing to create the shirt for me only. Next thing he said was so offensive: "are you kidding me? You can buy the ticket but you can’t buy for 1 shirt only online?". After satisfied insulting me he said that he can't help me because the price will be the same as online shop and he has lots of projects to be done within this week. Son of a bitch!

Thanks to my girlfriend because secretly she bought me the shirt, and I love it.

Snapshot 3 (01-16-2015 2-15 PM)

Perpaduan Sakti antara tengkorak dan harimau. Ouyeah…

3. Gadget

For documentation purpose, i was intended to bring my tablet. On the second thought, it will  be too risky to bring it in a rock concert. My other phone is my old blackberry, and the quality of the camera is sucks. I will find out about it later.

4. My Beautiful Body

The last preparation is I need to stay healthy since lately it’s raining. The problem is, 2 of my colleagues are having a bad flu. Why I can't have a supportive friend? :).

Did i miss something for the preparation?

Do let me know if you will also watch the concert, we can meet there :). Ciao.